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About Me

Originally from New Zealand, I moved to the U.K in 2001. With an interest in the health and beauty industry I managed a treatment clinic in Putney. With a wide range of treatments tried and tested Aromatherapy stood out as something I would like to pursue. I went on to study aromatherapy becoming passionate about essential oil combinations and their positive effects on the mind and body.

Still with this holistic approach in mind I wanted to learn more about muscle mechanics, recovery and the maintenance of muscles using sports massage. So I went to St Marys University to study and received an ITEC diploma in sports massage. This deeper muscle work enables me to work on muscles on a completely different level to the light effleurage of aromatherapy. Ive continued updating my skills and love learning new disciplines.

With such different disciplines yet with techniques that are symbiotic it has made a unique treatment for each client a well-rounded experience. Creating a relaxing ambiance putting my clients at ease and getting to work on muscle tension is what I enjoy doing most.

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